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Can Tutoring Be Available for All? Yes It Can!

February 13, 2023 Coach for Tutors Season 3 Episode 3
Coach for Tutors Podcast
Can Tutoring Be Available for All? Yes It Can!
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Show Notes

Today's episode, we are joined by the wonderful Callie Moir. Callie is a certified primary school teacher, the founder of Primary Tutor Project, and the Tutoring Business Success Support Group's third Superstar Tutor of the Month.

Callie shares with us:

  • The importance of finding your tutoring niche to excel in your business.
  • The power of paying forward to help families across all socioeconomic backgrounds. Callie's Tutee to Tutee project is a must-listen too. Callie also works with Action Tutoring in the UK, a charity that supports students from disadvantaged backgrounds to thrive.
  • Three key tips to support students/families from lower income backgrounds.

Callie can be found at:

Primary Tutor Project
Primary Tutor Project: Facebook Group

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